Meet the team

We have some of the country's best, most innovative and progressive surfers on our team of surf instructors.

All of the team at St Ives not only have many years of instructing, but also combine their skills from careers in lifeguarding, professional surfing, primary education, fire fighting and sports science. They take their jobs very seriously but still pack in a lot of laughs. Each have professional careers in their chosen field but take time out to pay back to the sport that they hold so dearly.

Harris Rothschild

AKA The Bean, Harris is a former RNLI Head Lifeguard, globe trotter and an original St Ives Surf School student. The Bean’s presence and involvement in the surfing world and knowledge of the sport are clear instantly. With Harris teaching you’ll be standing, riding and full of the stoke that the surf lifestyle brings.

The Warner Brothers

Ben and Jackson. Never lived more than a few hundred meters from Porthmeor. Spending their summers in the surf and sun and winters teaching Snowboarding in foreign lands these guys literally ‘live the dream’. With Jackson’s background in primary education and Ben’s unrivalled sense of humor you couldn’t find two better people to provide you with surf instruction.

Simon Trebilcock

Simon, or Simba as he is often known as, is the youngest of our senior instructors and has been working at the surf school since before he could grow facial hair(a debateable point, 14 year olds often put in better Movember efforts) A former competition surfer, his success at National level lead to sponsorship with Animal surf co for 6 years and makes him our high performance coaching specialist.

Fun Fact – Simon spends most of his hard earnt money on his beloved car.

Tom Lowe

One of the leading big-wave surfers in the world and with more energy than a coiled spring, Tom Lowe’s gentle manner and passion for the sport will show students that everything is within the realm of possibility.

Jayce Robinson

At the very top of European competitive surfing and an ex St Ives Surf School student, Jayce is the ideal person to help you perfect your pop-up, his demure in and out the water is uncanny of such a high achieving and well known sportsman.


John Navin

Johns specialist and diverse understanding of wave riding and wealth of experience means that he understands it all, no problem or wave is too big or small. Being a fireman his fitness is paramount and always at its peak, his bravery and determination, unchallenged.

Teaching surfing in the heart of St Ives since 1997