Surfing warm up

Its always important to warm up before a surf, regardless of how silly you may look. Well demonstrated below by Simon and a group of beginners back in the summer..

Surfing warm up

Before starting any exercise session, it is essential to warm up. There are two main reasons for this; first, warming up can make sports injuries less likely; second, the body works more efficiently when warm and sports performance may actually improve. A good warm-up will have physiological, mechanical and psychological effects.

A good surfing warm up should include:

gentle exercise for the whole body, such as light jogging. This gradually increases the heart rate, breathing and blood supply to the muscles. It warms up muscles and can help you prepare for your first wave!

additional light mobility exercises such as arm swings, and leg swings can also be of benefit to your surfing warm up.

very light stretching can also be done, however try to avoid long stretching as this should be done after a surf, slowly bringing your muscles back to a normal state.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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Posted by on 14 March 2015

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